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Blogging Advice I’m Glad I Didn’t Take: The 7 Worst Recommendations “Pros” Have Given Me

Blogging Advice I'm Glad I Didn't Take: The 7 Worst Recommendations "Pros" Have Given Me

I honestly believe that no matter how long you have been blogging, you need to keep learning. When I was a new blogger, I spent about 75% of my time just learning about blogging. Now that I’ve been blogging for over a decade… I still devote about 25% of my workday to learning.

That said… not all advice is created equally.

It can be overwhelming. I’m not a parent, but I suspect that running a blog is like having a baby. Everyone… and I mean everyone… is going to give you “advice” whether you want it or not. And they think you are a fool if you don’t take it!

At this point, I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting obvious bad advice and scams. But it has been a process of trial and error! I have definitely made mistakes along the way, and sometimes those mistakes happened because I was following the advice of experts in the field of blogging. The “experts” don’t always get it right.

Without further ado, here are the 7 worst pieces of blogging advice I ever received from so-called experts.


The Newbie Blogger’s Guide to Getting More Search Engine Traffic

The Newbie Blogger's Guide to Getting More Search Engine Traffic

Search engine optimization… it sounds so intimidating, right?

I know I felt that way when I first started blogging. And to be honest, I’m still a little intimidated by search engine optimization, and I’ve been blogging for over a decade!

But once I saw what learning a little about SEO can do for your traffic (i.e. make you do a cartoon-style double-take because you can’t believe the numbers Google Analytics is showing you)… well, I decided that it might be worth my time to learn a little about how to get more search engine traffic.

Getting more search engine traffic is part art, part science, and part luck!

It’s the “part science” we’re going to talk about in this post. Namely, I’m going to walk you through the very basics of how you can optimize every blog post you write to get more search engine traffic using keyword research.

Now, before I start, let me say this: big companies have entire teams of people dedicated to search engine optimization. It can be a full time job. I don’t want to let that stop you from doing the basics!

Once you get into the groove, you can do simple keyword research in 10-15 minutes, I promise! Then, as you see results, you can devote more and more time to getting more search engine traffic through post optimization. Don’t run away scared right now, though, because you think you don’t have time for it.

We eat the elephant one bite at a time, right?

Without further ado, let’s get started!