The #1 Way to Get More Blog Traffic

More blog traffic is everything.

Listen, you can make money even if your audience is small, and you can be successful without a million pageviews. Some of the most engaging, interesting bloggers I know have small but might communities.

But the more blog traffic you bring in, the better – as long as you’re not comparing your traffic to other people. This is a key mistake many bloggers make, and I’ll explain what I mean at the end of the post.

First, though… let’s talk about what you are here… to get more blog traffic!

I’ve actually done a lot of testing regarding this topic on six blogs in different niches, and again and again, I’ve come to the same conclusion…

A lot of you guys and gals aren’t going to like this…


The #1 way to get more blog traffic is to write more posts.

This isn’t a quality versus quantity issue… more posts = more blog traffic. Period.

Whenever people talk about how often to post, I see people give them really bad advice, that quantity isn’t important, but rather you should focus on quality.

“If your posts are of a very high quality, it doesn’t matter how often you post,” these bad-advice-givers shout from their soapboxes.

Eeeeeh! (That was my buzzer noise.) Wrong!

Quality is important, but it is unrelated to quantity.

Let me go on record to say that I believe every single post you write should be of a super high quality (and here’s how you can get better at it). If you can’t do that, posting more often isn’t going to help you as much as it could. Oh, it will still help you… but you’re going to have to work a lot hard for pageviews, because people won’t naturally share your content.

To test this theory, that this is a not a quality versus quantity issue, I did something that some people might think was crazy. I posted a bunch of crap on one of my passive-income niche blogs.

First, for one month, I posted once per week, and I made sure that the posts were super high quality.

Then, for a second month, I posted 1-2 times per day, and this time, the posts were “meh.” Maybe calling them crap is an overstatement, but they weren’t high-quality, targeted, helpful posts like the ones I had posted the month before. They were posts you could take or leave, basically a diary of my life.

Guess what?

My traffic was 4x higher when I posted garbage more often than when I posed high-quality posts.

And it wasn’t trending downward. If anything, I was getting more traffic every week.

So why not just post crap if you want more blog traffic?

Hey, some people do. I know people who run blogs that are basically written by an army of “writers” (if you can even call them that) who churn out 300-500 words for $3. They do not care at all about quality, beyond the very basics, and they make a boatload of money simply because they know how to optimize for search engines and sales.

Think of it this way… let’s say that one high-quality blog post is worth $100 to you, and one crap post is worth $2 to you. If you can write 51 crap posts, you’ll make more money than if you write just one high-quality post.

Some people think it is less work to write the 51 posts than the 1 post because they’ll spend less on the contractors they pay to do the writing or because it takes less time.

But to me, it’s an uphill battle, and one that isn’t worth fighting.

Because I don’t know about you, but I didn’t become a blogger to fill the Internet with crap.

And if you post more often and also post quality content, you’re going to see even more blog traffic!

Honestly, the people who do fill the Internet with crap have too many headaches to deal with, in my opinion… they get completely nailed every time Google’s algorithm changes. They aren’t building a community, and I hesitate to even call what they are doing “blogging.” They’re just playing the search engine game.

So here’s what you should really do…

Write every single day, and publish high-quality content as often as possible.

Not every post you write is going to be a hit, even if it is high quality content. That’s just how blogging is.

It’s one part hard work, one part educating yourself one the best techniques, and one part magic.

No one is ever going to crack that magic code for you, because it’s all about being at the right place at the right time. Even super popular bloggers will tell you that 20% of their posts bring in 80% of their traffic.

What you need to do is commit yourself to writing more, so you can publish high-quality posts as often as possible.

I actually recommend that you write every single day. You don’t have to publish a post every day if that kind of schedule is not sustainable for you, but just write something.

I have a notebook where I track my own writing habits and if I write t least 100 words that day, I give myself a star. I try to keep that chain of stars going for as long as possible, and I give myself a little treat (like a spa day or purchase I’ve been eyeing) whenever I hit 100, no cheating allowed. 🙂

Writing is a skill just like any other. The more you do it, the better you’ll become. I know you know I’m right, because think back at those first few blog posts you published. They were pretty horrible, right? Don’t worry, every blogger feels that way!

What about being consistent?

The other argument I see all the time is that posting often doesn’t matter as much as being consistent. I also think this is bad advice for *most* bloggers, though you might be an exception!

If you have certain features that people look forward to reading, being consistent is super important for your traffic. For example, I know some coupon bloggers who post the new deals every week at a certain time, or recipe bloggers who post weekly meal plans every Sunday.

When readers are looking forward to something that needs to be posted like clockwork, you should definitely stick to an consistent schedule.

But if you’re just publishing regular posts? Consistency isn’t as big of a deal.

Now, I don’t mean that you should blog three times one week, then ten times the next, then take a two-week break…

That isn’t inconsistent. That’s erratic! There’s a difference.

When I mean is that if you post every Thursday morning versus posting once per week, sometimes between Monday and Thursday… it doesn’t matter.

Furthermore, you should NEVER hold back a post that you have ready to go just for the sake of being consistent.

Sure, it makes sense to schedule posts ahead of time, especially if you have a hectic schedule or have vacation time coming up. But you should never think to yourself, “Man, I’m really excited for this post to go live, but I just posted yesterday and I usually only post once per week. I better save it for next week.”

Dude, you are shooting yourself in the foot! Post it NOW! Unless you have a reason for saving it, posting more often is a good thing.

See, if you write quality posts, your readers will come back again and again, and they’ll stay on your site longer to read through posts they may have missed.

But if there’s nothing new to read… they’ll click away. And you just have to pray that they’ll remember to check back later.

I personally don’t like subscribing to blogs via email or a feed reader. I just keep a few of my favorites bookmarked. When I check, and there’s nothing new, I’m onto the next blog. Sometimes, I get really busy and forget to check for a few months. My favorite blogs are the ones that have new content often, so I always have new stuff to read when I check.

I know I’m not alone in this.

So, post new content as often as possible. Keep those readers clicking around and reading your content!

“More Blog Traffic” is Relative

Remember at the beginning of this blog post I wrote this:

But the more traffic you bring in, the better – as long as you’re not comparing your traffic to other people. This is a key mistake many bloggers make, and I’ll explain what I mean at the end of the post.

Let me explain what I mean.

When I say that more blog traffic is better in terms of monetization, a lot of bloggers what to stand on their soapboxes and yell, “Nuh uh! So-and-so only gets a tenth of the traffic as so-and-so, and they make the same amount of money!”

That may very well be true. I know bloggers who make a six-figure income with only 50,000 – 100,000 pageviews per month, while other bloggers barely break even with that kind of traffic.

When I say that more blog posts = more blog traffic = more money… I mean in relation to yourself.

You will make more money if you get 100,000 pageviews than if you get 10,000 pageviews.

The amount of traffic another blogger gets is totally and completely irrelevant to you, unless you are partnering with them in some way or writing a guest post for their blog.

Stop comparing your traffic to the traffic of other bloggers.

Because seriously… it doesn’t matter.

Even the advice I give you on this blog might not really matter unless you test it out on your own blog and see results.

I see this all the time, a successful blogger will give a piece of advice… and a bunch of sheeple will start sharing it and proclaiming it to be the blogging gospel without even testing it.

Give credit where credit is due… but test every single piece of advice and track results carefully. What brings in more blog traffic for one person might not work for you.

If you’re looking for some great techniques to test out yourself, I highly recommend the ebook 21 Strategies I Used to Increase My Monthly Page Views from 17k to 400k+ in 10 Months from Lena at What Mommy Does. What I like about this ebook is that you’re getting several techniques to try out for yourself, so even if not all of them work for you, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a few tips that are perfect for your blog. I would not be an affiliate for this book if I did not personally purchase it and see results using Lena’s advice!

Oh, and if you are looking for tips on how to find more time to write posts, I highly recommend this blog post about time chunking.

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15 Comments on The #1 Way to Get More Blog Traffic

  1. I really enjoyed this post, and as a new blogger it is a very useful read. I have probably 5 regular readers at the moment, but I still try to be consistent for them, and because I really enjoy writing. I am going to check out the e-book now, see if it can help me through the minefield of advertising your blog!!
    Leah Miller recently posted…Social Media is not for the faint hearted!My Profile

    • I’ve been blogging for a decade and even I found some tricks and tips in that ebook that I’ve never heard of before. It’s definitely worth the money!

  2. This is so interesting! I currently only post 2 times a week, but I’d consider them extremely thought out and put together posts. I honestly don’t know how I could post any more often than that right now without posting the crap. Haha which I refuse to do…I’m such a perfectionist. It makes sense though, more posts=more traffic. But I also worry about being too overbearing. When a blog I follow is posting SO many posts I usually unfollow because I’m sick of them clogging up my Bloglovin’ feed or sending me too many emails.

    • For some people, two times per week is the right number. For others, it is two times per day. If twice a week is what you have the capacity for in order to maintain quality, I definitely don’t think you should try to do more. Honestly, though, if every post you write is amazing, people aren’t going to see it as clogging up their feeds. It does depend on your niche, though. For example, some of my favorite marketing bloggers… I only wish they would post twice a day because I always get great tips from them! But some of my favorite recipe bloggers, I would probably get sick of 2 posts per day even if they were great, because there is no way I’m going to be able to try out every single recipe they send, even if they do look good.

  3. This was really refreshing. As a new blogger this is definitely a new perspective that doesn’t seem to be as widely circulated. It almost helps to break free of the pressure to make every post perfect and perfectly timed. That’s why we’re here in the first place right? Just write!

  4. This is literally one of the most refreshing posts I’ve read about blogging in a long time. I think I will bookmark to read every time I feel down on myself – right after I schedule all of the posts I’ve been “saving”.

  5. Really helpful post, Allison. My main goal at the moment is building up my traffic, and my main strategy is cranking out more posts. I’m just starting to see some results from that, which is exciting. I love what you said about quality plus quantity, that makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll have to check out that e-book too!
    Dave recently posted…The World In All Its BrillianceMy Profile

  6. We just started our blog a little over a month ago and have been wrestling with a lot of things you talk about here! How often should we post, how do we get more traffic, and trying to stop comparing ourselves to other blogs! This post has been really helpful! Book marked and sent to my blogging partner so we can refer back to it! Thanks!

  7. Such a great article! I know another blogger did a testing on posting everyday in a week and her traffic increased. That is such a great advice. Thank you for sharing! I am going to share it on Pinterest.

  8. If you are just blogging just to be famous or for self-serving then you must quit blogging. It’s alright to write to share your experience or the story of your life but be careful of making yourself into some kind of blog rock star. Instead, aim to be a resource and help to others.

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