How to Find Blog Sponsors

How to Find Blog Sponsors

Over the past year, I’ve written about how to set your sponsored post rates and how to write ethical sponsored reviews… but I haven’t covered how to find blog sponsors in the first place. So, today is the day we talk about getting sponsors for your blog!

First and foremost, I will mention that you can take the “if you build it they will come” approach. This does not meant that you can just start blogging and suddenly have sponsors emailing and calling you. You have to have a significant amount of traffic for that you happen. In my experiences, sponsors start reaching out when you have around 1000 pageviews per day and at least 5000 social followers on any given account.

Follow this link to learn more about the blog traffic guide I recommend if you want to start getting more pageviews today: How I Went From 17K to 350K+ Monthly Page Views in 9 Months – I’m an affiliate for this ebook, and also purchased it myself. It is packed with great advice!

If you’re proactive about finding sponsors instead, you can make a nice chunk of change, even if your blog is fairly new. Plus, you’ll be working with sponsors you actually like!

So… let’s play offense and find sponsors for your blog…


The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Ads on Your Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Ads on Your BlogWhen I tell people that I’m a professional blogger, the most popular question I’m asked is, “How exactly do you earn money blogging?” People have written entire books about this topic, so it’s hard to give them the 5-minute answer they want! Usually, I talk to them about ads, because they have a frame of reference for how that works. Most people have seen ads in newspapers and magazines, and they understand that brands will pay for this ad space if you have readers.

Today, I’m going to dive deep into how to make money running ads on your blog. This is not the only way you can make money with your blog, and I personally believe that most bloggers in most niches can make more money in other ways.

That said, I also believe that you should diversify your income. In other words, don’t just make money in one or every two ways. Make money in several ways!

So, keep reading if you want to figure out whether or not ads are right for you and, if they are, how to ramp up your ad income.


7 Personal Habits for More Effective Blogging in 2017

7 Personal Habits for More Effective Blogging in 2017Now is the perfect time to rethink your personal habits so you can blog more effectively. I say “now” whether you are reading this soon after it was published or months later. We tend to think about revamping our lives at the beginning of the new year, but it is always the perfect time to change your personal habits so you can live a healthy, productive life.

If your goal in 2017 is to turn you blog into a business, or to continue to grow your business, take a good hard look at your personal habits.

Here are a few changes you can make that will have a profound effect on how well your blog does this year: