The World Doesn’t Need Another Online Biz Coach (But Here’s What We DO Need!)

I have launch fatigue.

Maybe it is because I am part of at least a dozen online business and blogging groups, but… is it just me or does it seem like someone is launching a new online business coach program EVERY WEEK?

Sometimes, EVERY DAY.

And here’s a little secret…

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve helped some of these coaches fine-tune their copy and develop launch plans… only to see them not make a single sale. I have talked to other copywriters who have shared similar stories.

I’m 100% confident in my skills as a sales page writer and launch consultant, because I have also assisted coaches with six-figure launches – not that is what I call a successful online launch!

So why are most launches a complete and utter FLOP FLOP FLOP? (I call them “dead fish launches” because flop like a dying fish.)


Why I Don’t Join or Recommend Instagram Pods

Right now, joining or creating an Instagram pod is the cool thing to do.

I see threads about it every single day in Facebook groups for bloggers. Sometimes, multiple times per day in the same group! It feels like the entire blogging community is buzzing about Instagram pods.

For those of you who haven’t heard about Instagram pods, they are basically groups of bloggers who comment and like one another’s posts on Instagram. Typically, this is done through an private message thread directly on Instagram, but some bloggers who run pods also create private Facebook groups.

Originally, pods were just a fun way to connect with other bloggers. Originally.

Today… they have morphed into a way to game the system… and that’s why I don’t join them. I recommend that you are very, very careful if you join an Instagram pod as well, because I highly suspect that it will come back to haunt you. Here’s why…