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How to Find Blog Sponsors

How to Find Blog Sponsors

Over the past year, I’ve written about how to set your sponsored post rates and how to write ethical sponsored reviews… but I haven’t covered how to find blog sponsors in the first place. So, today is the day we talk about getting sponsors for your blog!

First and foremost, I will mention that you can take the “if you build it they will come” approach. This does not meant that you can just start blogging and suddenly have sponsors emailing and calling you. You have to have a significant amount of traffic for that you happen. In my experiences, sponsors start reaching out when you have around 1000 pageviews per day and at least 5000 social followers on any given account.

Follow this link to learn more about the blog traffic guide I recommend if you want to start getting more pageviews today :Traffic Transformation: 21 Strategies I Used to Increase My Monthly Page Views from 17k to 400k+ in 10 Months – I’m an affiliate for this ebook, and also purchased it myself. It is packed with great advice!

If you’re proactive about finding sponsors instead, you can make a nice chunk of change, even if your blog is fairly new. Plus, you’ll be working with sponsors you actually like!

So… let’s play offense and find sponsors for your blog…


How to Write Ethical Sponsored Blog Posts and Sponsored Reviews

How to Write Ethical Sponsored Blog Posts and Sponsored Reviews

Recently a reader reached out to me with an important question about sponsored reviews. I started typing a reply to him… and when I reached 500 words, I realized that this needed to be a blog post so everyone can benefit from it!

This blogger had been approached by some companies to review their products, and had the some question many bloggers have…

“Should I charge for a sponsored review?”

It brings up a lot of ethical questions. What if you don’t like the product? What if they want you to promote something you didn’t get to personally experience? What if they want you to use certain language in your post?

So today, we’re talking about sponsored blog post and sponsored reviews. I’m going to answer all of these questions and more, so you can publish ethical reviews that your readers love.


Sponsored Blog Post Rates: A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Your Prices

Sponsored Blog Post Rates A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Your Prices

I still remember that first time when a brand asked me for my sponsored blog post rates.

I felt like I was floating on cloud nine. I never imaged that someone would want to pay me to publish a post on my blog! But today, writing sponsored blog posts is one of the top ways I make money with my food blog. This is also a great form of monetization in niches such as fashion, parenting, tech…

Heck, it can be a good monetization strategy for just about every niche out there.

Sending rates to the potential sponsor was really, really scary, though. I almost told him that I didn’t write sponsored posts just because I was so nervous about giving him a price!

I think a lot of bloggers struggle with setting their sponsored blog post rates. So, today, I thought it would be helpful is I wrote out a step-by-step guide to figuring out what to charge.