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How to Land Sponsors Who Will Pay $5,000+ to Work with You

The main way I make money blogging is through sponsorships, which is also sometimes lumped into the broad category of influencer marketing. Essentially, brands pay me to tell other people about their products and services.

Win-win, because I get to recommend cool new stuff to my audience! Often, I get to try out a product or service before it is even available to the general public, so y’all go on and be jealous 🙂

But honestly…

It took a long time to get to this point.

Like many of you reading this, I spent years struggling as a blogger, just trying to get any sponsor at all to work with me.

I was lucky to get free product in exchange for all the review work I was doing.

Today, I work with a very wide range of sponsors. Some of them still just send me free product, and I work with them because A) I love their brand anyways, B) the product is worth a pretty penny and/or C) my audience has been asking me to review the product in question.

But my biggest sponsors pay $5,000+ to work with me for every campaign. And they come back time and time again because it is worth every single penny. I have one sponsor who has, to date, spent nearly $20,000 on sponsored campaigns.

So how do I do it?

The answer may surprise you… because I do not get millions of pageviews! Yes, traffic matters, but you can work with high-paying sponsors even if your traffic is less than 50K pageviews per month. Here’s exactly how to do it:


What to Do if a Sponsor Disappears… and You Get SCREWED!

Most bloggers are paid for sponsored posts after they publish the post, which means there is an opportunity for your to get… SCREWED!

Listen… we’ve all been there. If you’re reading this post, it is likely that you’ve been screwed by a sponsor or client in the past, or you are dealing with a jerk who is trying to screw you right now. I’ve been freelancing for over a decade and blogging for nearly as long, and I can tell you that this is unfortunately a reality of the business.

But you aren’t without recourse! Let’s talk about a few things you can do if a sponsor (or client) disappears without paying you:


How to Find Blog Sponsors

How to Find Blog Sponsors

Over the past year, I’ve written about how to set your sponsored post rates and how to write ethical sponsored reviews… but I haven’t covered how to find blog sponsors in the first place. So, today is the day we talk about getting sponsors for your blog!

First and foremost, I will mention that you can take the “if you build it they will come” approach. This does not meant that you can just start blogging and suddenly have sponsors emailing and calling you. You have to have a significant amount of traffic for that you happen. In my experiences, sponsors start reaching out when you have around 1000 pageviews per day and at least 5000 social followers on any given account.

Follow this link to learn more about the blog traffic guide I recommend if you want to start getting more pageviews today :Traffic Transformation: 21 Strategies I Used to Increase My Monthly Page Views from 17k to 400k+ in 10 Months – I’m an affiliate for this ebook, and also purchased it myself. It is packed with great advice!

If you’re proactive about finding sponsors instead, you can make a nice chunk of change, even if your blog is fairly new. Plus, you’ll be working with sponsors you actually like!

So… let’s play offense and find sponsors for your blog…